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[BKARTS] Con-Tact brand as an alternative to lamination

I'm new to the world of book arts (almost as new as I am to this listserv)
and right now am in the process of experimenting with different methods of
protecting the coverstock on handmade paperbacks.

I realize that this topic may have already been done to death here. If this
is the case I suppose I'll start digging through the archives. Regardlessly,
I still have a few particular questions to my own situation... actually,
I'll first say that I recall finding some praise for the smaller Xyron cold
laminating systems in the archives a few weeks back, but even those are out
of my budget in the moment. What I'm curious about is if anyone here has
ever tried using Con-Tact brand's (or something else like it) transparent,
vinyl adhesive as an alternative to lamination (contactbrand.com). I've seen
it used in public schools before and have recently tried it out myself. It
seems to work very well right off the bat and can be pressed down and
smoothed out quite easily with a bone folder, but what I'm worried about is
durability and longevity. Will the coating peel off in a year or so? Will it
be able to stand abuse, accidental or otherwise? How will it fair against
weather damage and all that?

Outside of these worries, I'm very pleased with the results so far --
especially as obtaining the rolls are definitely in my price range -- but I
don't want to get overly comfortable with using the stuff if it contains
flaws that I'm not aware of. Are there any other firsthand experiences with
this material out there? Admonitions? Successful longterm applications? Better
alternatives for shoestring budget? Or should I just start saving for a
decent laminator?


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