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Re: [BKARTS] ortho-phenylphenol anyone?

More detailed information about the chemical can be found at
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Ortho-phenylphenol is a Phenol or Cresol compound. 
Symptoms of Poisoning with Phenol or Cresol Compounds Containing this
- Highly corrosive. 
- Caustic eye, skin, mouth and gastrointestinal injuries.
- Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
- Hypotension, myocardial failure, pulmonary edema, neurological changes,
liver and renal toxicity, methemoglobinemia and hemolysis.

8,869 products containing the chemical are registered. They are generally
described using the terms "cleaner", "disinfectant", &/or "deodorant". All
seem to have either Category 1 - Danger or Category 3 - Caution on their
acute hazard warning labels. Both corneal and skin irritation are indicated.

Acute Hazard Warning Label 
Formulated pesticide products (which usually include inert ingredients) are
required to carry an acute toxicity rating by the U.S. EPA which is
reflected in the warning label on the pesticide container. The U.S. EPA
gives a warning label of Category 1 to the most acutely toxic pesticide
products and Category 4 to the least acutely toxic pesticide products (1).

Vitasan 33 is given a Category 1 rating but the EPA has not restricted its
use. However, it is considered a PAN Bad Actor Product. Bad Actors are
pesticides that are one of the following: known or probable carcinogens,
reproductive or developmental toxicants, cholinesterase inhibitors, known
groundwater contaminants or acutely toxic poisons. 

Because the product's toxicity is dependent on the concentration of the
active ingredient, the acute toxicity rating (i.e., the U.S. EPA Acute
Hazard Warning Label) of the product (not the pure active ingredient) is
used to determine PAN Bad Actor Product status in the Acute Toxicity
category. For all other categories, the Bad Actor properties of the
individual chemicals are applied to the product.

Alan Shalette

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