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Re: [BKARTS] Con-Tact brand as an alternative to lamination

I think I can speak to that. I have been using Contact paper and a similar product, Transpaseal, for over 20 years now in my alter ego of materials maker for international church school programs. The contact paper tends to yellow slightly over time. If you have any inks such as markers underneath them they will spread the inks out and discolor them to a larger or smaller extent. I ended up having to make new materials when this happened, and it didn't take long. When I switched to using India and acrylic ink with a nib, the problem went away. Something in the marker inks make them bleed into the plastic. I have not yet found the same issue with using the contat paper over laser-printed stock, however. Also, you have to be very careful about removing bubbles along the way as you rub the plastic down on your surface.

I find the laminator rolls problematic, too. The upside is that they are nice and clear and remain that way. The downside is that they are brittle and soon crack when flexed. So - yellowish and flexible or clear and flaky? I ended up, except for smaller pieces that wouldn't be subject to flexing, with contact paper. A couple of weeks ago I had to laminate a 24' long scroll that had several layers of paper on it. Patience is key. I use the long side of a large triangle to slowly flatten out the sticky plastic after folding up one long edge of the release paper. It goes rather quickly and evenly that way.

Good luck,

Kathy Marie Garness

On Oct 16, 2007, at 11:43 AM, Matthew Z wrote:

I'm new to the world of book arts (almost as new as I am to this listserv)
and right now am in the process of experimenting with different methods of
protecting the coverstock on handmade paperbacks.

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