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[BKARTS] contact paper and Kapco

Matt --

I have not yet found the same issue with using the contat paper over laser-printed stock,
We use the clear contact paper over laser printed signs for the library a lot. It does smear, melt or dissolve the color printing after time. Not a chemist but must have something to do with the adhesive on the contact paper meeting the chemicals in the color printing. Not sure what the toner is now but it used to be wax based colored toners.

If you want to experiment with the Kapco someone suggested, a have some small book covers I could send you. We don't use them anymore. They are already aged. But the Kapco has a thicker plastic on the planes that go on the front and back and thinner plastic on the spine areas, since you overlap the spines, so that may not be what you need.

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