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[BKARTS] Accelerated aging on paste?

Oh no, those simple, direct questions?
What is the longevity of a book bound using rice
starch paste?

?Accelerated aging tests performed by the R.J. Barrow
Research Laboratory indicate that a conservative
estimate of the longevity of PVA binding is no less
than 450 years.?
Source: http://www.mekatronicsinc.com/html/bio_6.html

What about the longevity of a rice starch paste
binding?  Any aging tests been performed?

And I don?t mean to stir up a discussion on the
pros/cons of PVA, but a student asked
me that question today and, to be embarrassingly
honest, I didn?t have a quick answer.  Thank goodness
they keep us on our toes.  Never stop learning.

Thank you,
Daniel Winston

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