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Re: [BKARTS] source for shark leather suitable for bookbinding?

EBAY has all these things:  sharkskin leather, snakeskin leather,
elkskin, deerskin, etc.  A good seller is Leatherhut, which summarizes
its stock as follows:

"Jobbers at discount prices of cow, lamb calf buffalo pig goat kid
leather hides & skins smooth & different prints. Snake ostrich lizard
alligator crocodile elephant eel shark woven shrunken print. Full hide
upholstery skin, patent, vegetable tanned. Genuine exotic python snake,
lizard shark whip."

Other excellent dealers are seymourssi, leatherwise, uncle george.  I
have found all these dealers to be ultra reliable: quick delivery (a
couple of days), modest prices.
	There was a prolonged discussion in this group several years ago on the
use of homo sapiens epidermis for binding books, and the unsettling
observation that many of the word's libraries (including that of U of
Penn, here in Philadelphia) own such books.  Alas, I have not been able
to discover a source for this material.
	A more serious concern is that kangaroo leather--- my very favorite---
is no longer available.  The American dollar has tanked against the
Australian dollar and the leather has become prohibitively expensive.  
	If you have ever bound a book with this divine material, you will want
to use it wherever possible.


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