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Re: [BKARTS] source for shark leather suitable for bookbinding?

Vernon Wiering wrote:

There have been discussions on this list about the various skins used for binding. Sources for these skins weren't always included in these interesting exchanges. I wonder if anybody on this list would have a recommended source for shark leather that is suitable for use in binding? Any other reliable sources for other skins is also helpful. Please respond to the list as others may find this information useful and interesting.

I've not tried shark, but just this morning, I bought two perch skins (one smooth, one with a "suede" finish) for my book projects through a local wholesaler who doesn't generally retail single skins (but since I'm in town, I suspect he may have made an exception).

That being said, one can always ask. ;-) http://www.sealeatherwear.com/ As with the Australian dollar, the Canadian one has also risen significantly against the U.S. currency. And it's my understanding they have a substantial minimum shipping order.

I really like the finishes and the range of colours in stock was amazing (I got to pick out my own skins at the warehouse). Didn't have calipers with me, but from my years of calf leatherwork, I'd say they were the equivalent of probably 2-3 oz hides.

They also stock salmon skins, which are really beautiful (particularly the sueded ones) and lighter in weight (1-2 oz), but were too narrow for the projects I plan to use them in.


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