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[BKARTS] Blocking Press advice

Greetings all,

We have decided to buy a second blocking press, and in this respect, we
are seeking advice from the learned Listmembers.

We currently have a Marshall's 2A Series Blocking Press, as shown on
page 158 of Arthur Johnson's Thames and Hudson Manual of Bookbinding.
We also had a nice old German gas-converted one from about 1860, but it
expired recently.

We are considering the Kensol range of machines, but there may be other
good machines of which we are unaware.  We are handbinders, doing mostly
one-off projects, but sometimes we do small limited edition runs, such
as 50 copies.  Often, we do big books, A1 size, 850mm x 600mm.  Our
current Marshall chase has an internal measurement of about 15" x 9".
Any new machine would ideally be able to match these dimensions at
least.  We would prefer a machine which accommodates variable chases of
different sizes, with 90 degree movement, and perhaps even have a
self-centering facility, and good temperature control.  Stand alone on
the floor is OK.  We don't want something too big as might be used in
industrial edition binding.   Perhaps just the best available for the
handbinder.  Cost is less important than getting the right machine.

Can anyone recommend a decent machine to fit some or all of these

Thank you if you can help.

David Amstell

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