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[BKARTS] website redesign

Dear Friends

I have redesigned my art website, with the help of my son who started with makingbooks.com at 14 and is now 22. We had been talking about the changes we wanted to make for well over a year (prime thing to get rid of the black background) and it came together very quickly earlier in the week. One of the things that I have found as I move along in both my work and all the related activity in getting it out into the world is how important the basic structure and concept is.

We had been planning an elegant and complex presentation of the Spirit Books but when we really thought about it what I needed was a website that I could update easily. I find that there are elements of my relationship with my son and his computer literacy that make me feel like an immigrant parent who depends on her children for help with the English language. In kind of a reverse path, I am looking to establish my independence on the computer from him. I am capable of making html changes to already existing pages but unable to originate new ones. What we have chosen to do is to present the work on the website in pdf form (all I need to add is a text link and upload the pdf) and/or in links to my blog where it is much easier for me to post and update.

A new element to the website is a change in Notan Press which I started in 1988 to publish my limited edition work. I discovered along the way that I do not like making multiples and found that edition work was not for me. I have decided to revive Notan Press as a virtual entity to share both old work and new. The Notan Press offerings are posted on the blog and can be accessed through the website or the blog.

The works currently posted are
Childbirth Journey
Golden Slumbers
and pdfs of the Spirit Book Series

I have created a paypal donate button for each. While I am not expecting a lot of response, I would like to think that someone who downloaded the file and spent a lot of time with it would consider supporting it. And no matter what it is of no value sitting in a file drawer.

I hope you'll have a chance to take a look. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.


in good spirit

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord skgaylord@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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