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Re: [BKARTS] Interesting Antique German Postcard - Sweet art HEIDELBERG


I regret I don't have a scan of an interesting postcard a friend
purchased for me in a Baker City, Oregon, antique shop, but I thought a
brief description might be of interest.

This is a kinetic "Multiple View Card" by the Photochrom Co., Ltd.,
London, on which one is to affix "1d. stamp inland postage."  Although
the message side also has "Registered and patented at home and abroad"
printed on it, there is no date to be found on the card.

What prompted me to write you is that this card also incorporates an
accordion fold series of 12 b&w photos reminiscent of (yet apparently
differently attached) than the series found on your card.

The English card consists of a die-cut, decorated, outer sleeve 5 1/2"
x 3 3/4."  The image side of the card has a large, centered, die-cut,
arched window approximately 4 1/2 x 2 1/2"  which reveals a b&w portrait
of Shakespeare.  Above the Bard's head is "Stratford-on-Avon" (reversed
out); beneath the Bard (also reversed out) is "William Shakespeare, /
the 'Stratford' portrait."  

Three sleeve sides are sealed, but the fourth side (one of the 3 3/4"
sides) is not.  This open side has a half-moon cut out of the margin on
both image and address sides that create a pull-tab area.  This
ladies-thumbprint-size area reveals another line of reversed out text on
the Bard image panel:  "Pull."

The operator of this card may pull the Bard only half-way out of its
sleeve.  Doing so reveals a background created by a black and white
photo of Trinity Church Avenue trees (the image is titled, for those
viewers unfamiliar with Stratford arboreal life).  In the center of this
photo a staggered, accordion-folded series of twelve 1 3/8" x 2 1/4"
photos of present-day (19??) Stratford has been affixed.  The first
panel of these small, centered photo flaps has its base attached to the
top back margin of the Pull/portrait card.

As one gently pulls that card a bit further, these little staggered b&w
photos (printed on both sides of panel spreads) flip dramatically before
the viewer--Chapel Street, Holy Trinity Church, Grammar School, etc. 
But they do not splay out on a folded strip (as do the panels in your
card), for these are restrained, stiff-upper-lip, English photo panels
(held in place by a little strip of muslin pasted to the 1/4" margin of
their bottom "staggered" fold and to the Stratford tree photo--all of
which is hidden by the covering Pull/portrait).

Sliding the Pull/portrait card back up to its original position in its
sleeve  pulls or flips the flap/photos back into their original
sequence.  The card then covers them and they are safely stored behind
the Bard's vested chest.

Tom Trusky, Director
Hemingway Western Studies Center and
Professor of English
Boise State University
1910 University Drive
Boise, ID  83725
(208) 426-1999 tel
(208) 426-4373 fax

>>> BIBLIOTIQUE/David Friedman <bibliopaltz@xxxxxxxxx> 11/9/2007 1:12
PM >>>
As a follow up to my posting yesterday--thanks to all who responded. 
As it worked out the book wasn't too unusual but I appreciate the

I have today an interesting post card from Heidelberg.  

It is of a stero-viewer and out from under the viewer there are 10
postage stamp size fold out images of Heidelberg.

It seems something of an oddity--so I thought I'd show it and get your

Appreciate any thoughts/comments etc.


You can see it at the following URL


      David Friedman
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          The Bonefolder, Vol. 4, No. 1, 2007 is Now Online at
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