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Re: [BKARTS] Historic Conservation Technician, New York State Library, Albany, NY

I thought you'd find this interesting.


> Historic Conservation Technician 2, SG-12
> (Reissue)
> LOCATION: Albany SALARY: $33,977* (Includes benefits)
> The New York State Library is seeking to fill a position of Historic
> Conservation Technician 2, salary grade 12. Under the direction of a
> Senior Librarian, the Historic Conservation Technician 2 will perform
> duties that include, but will not be limited to, the following:
> * Monitor and record environmental conditions,
> * Prepare condition reports,
> * Make recommendations for solutions to problems identified through
> the monitoring process,
> * Read hygrothermographs and dataloggers;
> * Assist in conducting collection surveys and participate as team
> member with Manuscripts and Special Collections staff to coordinate
> Library preservation and conservation efforts;
> * Participate on Collections Response Team to plan and respond to
> situations that place the collections in jeopardy;
> * Evaluate archival nature of commercial products and maintain the
> unit's monitoring equipment and supplies inventory;
> * Perform various cleaning activities, such as aqueous/non-aqueous
> washes, de-acidification, buffering, dry cleaning techniques,
> including mechanical backing removal, lining, solvent work for stain
> and adhesive removal, bleaching, and fumigation;
> * Perform various paper repairs, such as guarding, hinging, mending
> (including critical alignment) with heat set and Japanese tissue and
> wheat starch paste, filling of losses, humidification and flattening,
> removal and separation of tape, gum and wax seals, solubility testing
> and basic stabilization of photographic materials;
> * Perform various repairs to case bound volumes-textblock
> consolidation, including tip-ins, inserts and sewing/resewing, case
> repairs, ncluding rehinge, rebacks, recasing, reusing boards or
> building a new case, simple disbanding and page separation
> MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Four years of qualifying experience in which
> the preponderance of duties involved carrying out preservation
> activities in a library, archive, or public records repository.
> Qualifying experience may include laboratory conservation work,
> micrographics or imaging activities, or other preservation activities
> aimed at stabilizing archive or library materials.
> Leads to a maximum salary of $41,481 based on annual performance
> advances. Pending union members' approval, a tentative 4-year
> contract between the State of New York and CSEA, will provide annual
> raises in the amount of 3%, 3%, 3% and 4%.
> CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT: This will be a provisional appointment
> pending a Civil Service examination.
> APPLICATION: Qualified candidates should send a resume and letter of
> interest by December 7, 2007 to:
> Ms. Gayle Bowden
> Director, Human Resources Management
> Box CG-620
> NYS Education Department
> 89 Washington Avenue, Room 528 EB
> Albany, NY 12234
> Fax (518) 486-5631
> E-mail:
> <mailto:cgraves2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx?subject=Historic%20Conservation%20Technician%202%20position%20%5BNYLINE%5D>cgraves2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> The New York State Education Department is an Affirmative Action/Equal
> Opportunity Employer
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