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[BKARTS] Sorry I'm unable to attend

Hello Johanna,

I'd love to attend! But I'll be giving a presentation in Long Beach at the city's library that very same afternoon.
I will be discussing "Does The Universe Have A Purpose?" and will be outlining the history of this question in the context of the struggle here in the United States between the religious right and Darwinism. I'll be focussing on the evolving of cosmological theories that also differ from the religious right's literal interpretations of the Bible. It will be the first of 2 presentations in which I will illustrate how art activities in elementary school classrooms can aide in the visualizing of many concepts in math and science.

Not being able to attend, I'd appreciate getting any handouts or list of readings you may have or can recommend.

Norman Shapiro
Geometry Through Art

Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 20:50:22 -0500
From: Kyle Schlesinger <kyle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Johanna Drucker: School of Visual Arts: Tuesday, December 11, 7pm


Please circulate this, if you would. Hope to see you.



Art Theory Now: from Aesthetics to Aesthesis

Johanna Drucker

School of Visual Arts: Tuesday, December 11, 7pm

209 East 23rd Street, 3rd floor, free and open to the public
If the job of art criticism is interpretation, the task of art theory =20
is to offer foundational principles for understanding the identity and =20
cultural function of works of art. But what aesthetic theory =20
accommodates Damien Hirst?s In the Name of God, Phil Collins? The =20
World Won?t Listen, Jennifer Steinkamp?s digital video works, the =20
books of Dean Dass, or Robert Longo?s drawings of deep space or atomic =20
blasts? How do we formulate aesthetic theory after Adorno? This =20
lecture outlines a shift from aesthetics as the study of objects to =20
aesthesis as a mode of experience and knowledge, and draws on ideas =20
sketched in the author's recent article, "Making Space: Image-Events =20
in an Extreme State," published in Cultural Politics.

Johanna Drucker is Robertson Professor of Media Studies at the =20
University of Virginia and the author of Sweet Dreams: Contemporary =20
Art and Complicity (University of Chicago, 2006) and The Century of =20
Artists' Books (Granary, 2004). Presented by the MFA Art Criticism and =20
Writing Department.

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