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[BKARTS] Small manuscript book...

Hi all,

I have a small book that looks like some type of handwritten manuscript. I'm not sure what language the text is in or the date it was written though it looks like it might have been made as a gift for someone on their first communion.

The book itself is a small book about 5"x7" in size. It's covered in brown leather with minimal tooling on the corners of the cover. The signatures were sewn on cords and the headbands look as if they were sewn off of the block and attached afterwards. Unfortuneately most pages are hard to read as the ink from the page behind it has come through. Also, the ink was acidic as it ate through the paper where lines were drawn around the text causing the paper to fall away on many of the pages.

I have done a scan of the first/title page. http://www.tjbookarts.com/images/manuscript.jpg
If anyone could tell me what language it is written in and possibly what it says I would appreciate it.

Thank you,


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