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Re: [BKARTS] AW: [BKARTS] Small manuscript book...

On Tue, 20 Nov 2007, tulibri wrote:

> I don't think that the word in the ninth row reads "Kochen" because this is
> a very old handwriting: According to a book I have that shows german
> scripts, I assume it is from about 18th century (or older) which means that
> what to us today reads like a "K" actually is a "R".

I would agree with you -- and like you, the meaning escapes me entirely.

Many thanks for helping me out with 'Kraefftiger' -- and 'Patro nen',
also, both of which which eluded me completely.
'Litaneyen' I should have guessed -- I'd got most of the pieces of it.

Does your book on Old German handwriting give any explanation for the
differentiation between the "umlauted" (diacritic) u in 'und/auch/zu/auf';
as opposed to that used in 'Creuz'?  I'm very interested in that.  (Makes
it sound almost Swiss!)

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