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Re: [BKARTS] AW: [BKARTS] AW: [BKARTS] Small manuscript book...

On Wed, 21 Nov 2007, tulibri wrote:

> -- it actually has no diacritic meaning nor is it influencing prononciation.
> It's just that the lower-case 'u' is topped by a dash to distinguish it from
> a lower-case 'n'. You can see that still today in many handwritings (I do
> that, too).

OK; got you -- I actually went to school in Germany for a short while (a
long time ago), but I never picked up German handwriting conventions as
well as I did those of Russian, where I was taught to use the same sort of

>  But then it should be a verb and thus be written
> in lower case.

Yes -- I never interpreted it as anything other than a noun.

> Another guess is that it refers to the french word "la roche" (crag, rock)
> because the writing "in der Rochen" is an obsolete diction for what would be
> today "in der Roche" thus implying the noun is female.

Snap.  Another reason for me thinking of Switzerland, where oddball
expressions like that tend to pop in and out of local usage.

> I was already wondering if the text consists of a part that has been
> extincted and shown up again, overwritten by a younger text, so that what
> you see on the picture is probably two texts without relation between them?
> I wonder because some parts are so clear to see, other parts seem about to
> vanish ...

Hmmm.  Doesn't look like a typical palimpsest to me; but it could be.
I'm no expert, however -- just an interested amateur.
Weaker text could be attributed to something as simple as the pen nib
running out of ink ...

And of course, we've no idea what the rest of the text looks like.

But thanks for your input.  Much appreciated.

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