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Re: [BKARTS] Drop-sided box

Kathleen Garness <kmgfinearts@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

can you say more about what you need the box to look like and do?

Dimensions will be approx. 4" on each side (i.e. a cube), and I'd like to have all four sides drop down when I remove the lid to reveal a small sculpture mounted in the centre.

Obviously, I will need to slightly overlap the sides so that they don't collapse into the sculpture, or build a small rim up inside the lid to hold the sides in place. Or?

I've built a couple of rough models: one has a lipped base and a lid that will totally enclose the sides, and a second has a 2/3 height slipcover to enclose the drop-sided box with sides mounted on the outside of the base and a lid on top for security.

As I see it, the advantage of #1 is that it keeps the construction to two pieces, and the sides of the lid as one single piece that covers full-height: the disadvantage is that, with thte lipped base, the sides aren't laying flat after they drop.

With #2, I can take the lid off, and then remove the slipcover, which will certainly be easier to display the contents. I'm not as keen about having so many pieces: things can get lost and it will need operating instructions to display. :-)

While I like the simplicity of #1, I like the security of #2.

I've seen the PDF on make a drop-spine case where the book pops up, but that's not exactly what I need.

Does that help?

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