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[BKARTS] Request for Workshop Proposals


I am looking for someone to come to Portland to teach a weekend book
arts workshop aimed at photographers. I have lots of photogprahers
here who are very excited about making their own books. Several have
requested some type of book structure that would allow then to use
single sheets to create their books. But, I am a little stumped on the
structure. Here are a few thoughts:

1.) They want to print their photos on ink jet papers, sometimes heavy
stock, sometimes two-sided, sometimes one-sided. Would love to be able
to tell them to come to the class with their own photos already
printed so that they go home with a finished book of their own. I can
give them paper grain guidlines and other technical specs to work
with, perhaps in a pre-workshop meeting.

2.) In other area workshops they can learn how to make post and screw
bindings and Japanese side bound bindings have also been done. But,
what I am looking for is something a little bit different. Not sure
exactly what, but something new. No accordions or other odd

3.) Would be great to give them both a soft cover and hard cover
versions. Paper or cloth would be best. Leather not necessary for
these beginner-level students.

4.) Would be especially great if the binding would lay flat, but I
realize that might be a pipe dream.

Anybody out there teach anything that would fit the bill?

The workshop would be taught in my gallery (www.23sandy.com). I will
pay your going teaching fee, airfare and will put you up in our guest
room. Looking to schedule something for February or later.



Laura Russell
Portland, Oregon
Simply Books, Ltd. at www.laurarussell.net
23 Sandy Gallery at www.23sandy.com

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