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Re: [BKARTS] Building your own press...

One way that works is to mist both sides of the paper, place it on a piece of glass, placing wooden strips along all four edges of the paper with a light weight on each. You are in effect stretching the paper because it dries in the center first.

On Nov 29, 2007, at 8:37 AM, Kathleen Garness wrote:

Thanks so much, Jackie! I am making some 'gratitude journals' for the holidays and this will help a lot! A friend, who is joining me for some of this, is bringing her own paper but it has been rolled up for some time and I think we're going to need a press to flatten the pages out.

I was also trying to puzzle over the best way to flatten the paper - it's drawing paper of some kind, I believe, that her son picked up in Florence during his studies there - before we cut it and sew up the signatures. Would you recommend cutting a bit over the size we want the pages to be, lightly misting them both sides, like I do to watercolor sometimes to flatten it, and either stretching them (like one would do with watercolor paper) with paper tape on a board or just putting them between sheets of acid-free blotter paper in a press?

Thanks; this has not come up for me before!


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