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[BKARTS] Flattening curled paper and cloth -- was "Building your own press..."

On Nov 29, 2007, at 9:37 AM, Kathleen Garness wrote:

......... is bringing her own paper but it has been rolled up for some time and I think we're going to need a press to flatten the pages out.
I was also trying to puzzle over the best way to flatten the paper - it's drawing paper of some kind, I believe, that her son picked up in Florence during his studies there - before we cut it and sew up the signatures. Would you recommend cutting a bit over the size we want the pages to be, lightly misting them both sides,............

Ah, this is an appropriate time to share the following information ---- note the comment about misting some papers:
Friends and Colleagues:
Some time ago there was a discussion on this List about removing the curl from paper. The question came up again privately, and I recommended the following ---- unfortunately, I neglected to check the archives to see if there were other recommendations.
De-Curling Digital Printing Papers:
Take a mailing tube or plastic pipe, about 4" in diameter and tape a sheet of paper to the tube leaving a length of paper that will roll around the curled paper. In other words, the length of wrapping paper (leader) should be longer (about twice as long) as the curled paper. Unroll the attached wrapping paper and insert the curled paper in a manner that when re-rolled will reverse the curl --- if a number of sheets are inserted, they can be fanned out to avoid a large step. Leave the paper rolled for about a 1/2 minute and check at that time. If that amount of time is not sufficient, leave the paper rolled for a longer time, i.e. 1, 2 or even 5 minutes. IF that does not work in a reasonable amount of time, the diameter of the tube can be reduced, i.e. to 3" diameter with a similar paper wrapper (leader). Under no circumstances should you apply any water to digital printing papers as the paper has a coating that could be adversely affected by the moisture. (Note: This technique was confirmed by the people from Atlantic Papers.)
This same technique should work equally well for other papers, as well as for curled and stubborn book cloth, especially the paper- lined Book Cloth.
Good Luck,
Bill Minter


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