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[BKARTS] Gluetastic!

Hello List,
I just wanted to thank everyone for the wealth of responses on the glue pot. We have found a few with your help. Re: the Crock Pot method, this is what we were using, but found that it didn't heat evenly enough. The glue was still baking on to the bottom of the pot, so we thought a proper glue pot might work better. We have come by a hold heet 1 quart pot with a copper liner, among others. This was new to me, I'd only ever seen aluminum liners. Someone mentioned that the copper pot might lend some clarity to the glue. For those who work with hide glue, have you ever heard of this? Also, we've tried the glue pot out and found that it might be heating the glue more than we'd like. We haven't taken the temperature yet, but it looks like it's boiling. There is no thermostat on these pots and we weren't sure how hot the glue should be. What temperature should the glue be at, and how hot can it stand before it becomes denatured and loses it stick/strength?
Thanks for your expert opinions all...
and Happy Holidays.


Jesse Meyer
11 Factory Street
Montgomery NY 12549

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