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[BKARTS] Faraday

I was looking for famous people with chemistry degrees
and ran across this biography of Michael Faraday
"Born in 1791 to a poor family in England, Michael Faraday was extremely curious, questioning everything. He felt an urgent need to know more. At age 13, he became an errand boy for a bookbinding shop in London. He read every book that he bound, and decided that one day he would write a book of his own. He became interested in the concept of energy, specifically force. Because of his early reading and experiments with the idea of force, he was able to make important discoveries in electricity later in life. He eventually became a famous chemist and physicist. Michael Faraday, one of the world's greatest experimental physicist, is known as the father of the electric motor, electric generator, electric transformer, and electrolysis. He wrote the "Law of Induction" and is known for the "Faraday Effect". Two units in physics were named in his honor, the farad (for capacitance) and the faraday (as a unit of charge)."
(from the US Dept of Energy site)
Interesting his early career in bookbinding!
Teri Lynn Herbert

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