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[BKARTS] Cruise Ship Art Auctions

  Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2007 13:14:56 -0600 From: "L. Thomas McKeon" Subject: On Cruise Ship Art Auctions 

  When Your Cruise Ship Art Romance Goes Sour
  A very popular pastime is purchasing art at cruise ship auctions. Millions of dollars are spent every month by unsuspecting tourists who know little or nothing about what they acquired.

  Art collectors should be aware everything they bought was purchased in international waters, beyond the three mile limit of United States Court jurisdiction.

  If you read your receipt, there is no recourse and the appraisals don't even guarantee authenticity. The Hucksters on board these ships often make extravagant verbal claims that never find themselves in writing. They say certain works are worth thousands of dollars when they often only bring a couple of hundred dollars at major auctions. Rembrandt, Picasso and Salvador Dali prints are their main prey. No legitimate gallery would do business this way.

  If you feel you have been taken by one of these cruise ship auctions, phone us. We understand the legality of your auction contract. We usually can get your money back.

  Remember the pirates that sail the high seas today don't wear black eye patch.


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