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Re: [BKARTS] topic laundering money

The Prints & The Paper wrote:
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I have a customer who collects paper money.
as with all things, not washing bank notes is always the best advice.
but if they are so bad that they demand laundering what does it matter.
any thoughts?

Joyce - Not washing is probably best. Unfortunately I recently sold all the old grubby (and non-grubby) bank notes that I had accumulated from various estates over the years to a dealer (unwashed - the notes, not the dealer, that is). So I can't experiment for you....but I have found many uses for the Dry Cleaning Sponge that you sell (www.sicpress.com) - it lifts off a lot of surface soil with no damage to the surface.

I use it on many antiquarian cloth-covered books to spruce up the cloth (it
just seems to draw old dust out of the pores and I hate using moisture on
cloth - it reduces the sheen of the sizing, and sometimes lifts out some of
the dye.) And your "Inkredible" eraser does an amazing job of removing old
stains and soil from both cloth and paper, as well as century-old dust from
block ends - even crayon, ink, and paint, with no visible damage to the
surface. So if you can find a nasty old bank note and experiment a little, I
would bet that these two products would provide some surface cleaning
without visible damage. The dry cleaning pads also work quite well on cloth
and paper surfaces where the cleaning area is large and too stubborn for the

(The above are the comments of a satisfied customer and were not solicited
in any fashion.)


Lee Kirk
Cats are composed of Matter, Anti-Matter, and It Doesn't Matter

thank you...and stop that..people will think i am paying you.

and he did by all 14 of the erasers i sell as well as many of the other surface cleaning toys,
and i guess he has a specific application in mind.


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