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Re: [BKARTS] topic laundering money -- Dry Cleaning

Some of the scoop might be:
The Canadian Conservation Institute has done extensive research on various erasers that are used for dry cleaning. They also examined the dry cleaning pads. There were a number of concerns:
One was the presence of "brown-black particles which also contained iron".
Another concern was the very fine particles that could not be removed from the paper fiber matrix even after careful brushing.
While another finding was that some particles were natural rubber that would turn brown as they aged.
In 2001, the Canadian Conservation Institute published "Technical Bulletin No. 11" DRY METHODS FOR SURFACE CLEANING PAPER.
The publication states: "A number of products are available in art or drafting supply stores, but analysis has shown that some commercial products contain abrasives and some have changed in composition or manufacturing method without a corresponding change in product designation; therefore, these commercial products may not be reliable."
Sadly, even the tested and accepted erasers, i.e. Satedtler Mars Plastic and Eberghard-Faber Magic Rub 1954 erasers, have changed over the years. There is a need to retest these previously "accepted" erasers.
Bill Minter

On Dec 26, 2007, at 1:02 PM, Linde Brocato wrote:

the conservator here at UIUC told me a while back that those dry cleaning
bags leave a residue that isn't so good for the materials, which put a big
hitch in the gitalong of my own cleaning of materials.

What's the scoop on that?

Linde Brocato (lurker)


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