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[BKARTS] Copier suggestions

I am an artist - working in paper, collage, paint, sculpture and books arts. I am also a teaching artist - specializing in book arts and art with recycled materials. I teach all ages from pre-k to adult, including teachers in professional development workshops. Most of the book structures are sculptural - French Fold, Maze, Accordion. And, some are pamphlet when using a recycled cover such as a cereal box. All have an emphasis on curriculum connections.

I would like to buy a copier for use in my studio. My basic use is the normal prep for classes - hand outs, enlarging, etc. But, I would also like to make sample books from copies I have made of my drawings, photos, copyright free imagery, and use it produce collage materials.

Some of my teaching residencies in schools are concentrating on an entire classroom making an 'edition' of books. Each student creates one page, we copy their page - multiplied by the number of students in the class. Then each student makes a book using all the pages.

During one upcoming residency, students will choose a family recipe, list the ingredients, directions and history. I will teach a number of different book structures and the students will chose one binding or a combination and create their own version of their classroom cookbook. A copier would be of great help in creating samples for such a residency.

The features I would like in a tabletop size copier are:

1. ability to enlarge image. (maybe they all do this?)
2. ability to reverse positive to negative - black image on white paper is the norm - but change to white on black.
3. uses larger paper than 8.5 x 11 (this feature may take me out of a reasonable prince range and may be too large to be a table top model)
4. use heavier paper than copy paper - I am assuming most copiers can handle cover weight?
5. ability to copy objects - (but this may be just using a cloth draped over the object?)
6. color - how much does this increase the price? or is this standard now?
7. multifunction? should I think about getting a decent scanner with this product? I would love to be able to scan in my numerous photo slides, print them and use them in my artwork.

I use a Mac PowerBook G4 and an Epson wide printer - 1200. I order toner from http://www.clickinks.com/ and have been thrilled with the results - very inexpensive toner for daily office use. Although they do not carry archival inks and I would need to go elsewhere for these.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, comments or experiences. I have been a bookarts listserv subscriber for many years and all of you are a treasured resource.

My best for a splendid 2008.

Karen O. Brown

Artist & Teaching Artist
EarthPoint Studio
BookArts, Painting, Sculpture and Public Art
Washington, DC

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