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Re: [BKARTS] craft standards, poor books

Charles wrote:
> if you start with junk you're doomed.

Peter wrote:
> the craft needs to be first rate otherwise it will come across as shoddy

Charles replied:
> What IS first-rate craft and the relationship of craft to shoddiness?

The balance of object, image and metaphor. Just because you can do the craft stuff well doesn't mean you always have to do it that way. Sometimes the idea requires that there is less "craft." What we do as artists explores cognitive science and communication theory as well as bookmaking techniques. The craft of making an effective object may require suspending the craft of bookbinding, for example:


I went to http://ocotilloarts.com/books.htm and looked at the stuff. I like it. Don't over analyze it. Trust your instincts. Just keep doing it, and let it tell you what it wants to become. You are not a beginner. There are 25 years of work up there.

The craft question is somewhat different than "what is first rate?" No matter how much you keep improving your craft there will always be mistakes. The important point is that at each error you have to decide whether the mistake is better than what you intended. It's an editing process.


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