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Re: [BKARTS] craft standards, poor books

Charles Brownson wrote:
This is an unstable mixture of conflicting aesthetics. A mass
audience means invoking the machine and with it the striving for
perfect reproduceability, while on the visual side the handmade
aesthetic requires seeking what is dynamic, unique, uncertain, process
rather than goal oriented, never finished.
This does strike me as the central problem, which is why I asked about editioning and content and structures. I think a quantity of text is particularly problematic. The legible, reproducible choices inherently introduce a mechanistic quality, at odds with the handmade aesthetic.

On a different tack, your reference to Dard Hunter on your web site (spent only a few minutes there; want to spend many more) got me thinking about the Arts and Crafts movement. Stickley was not so militant against the machine as many Arts and Crafts proponents. For him, it was more that the finished work expressed its materials and structure.
So what is "digital
It's easy to create fake rustic on a computer. But real rustic, I don't know. What kinds of things do children create on computers? Or I am being totally foolish expecting a naive approach from a computer literate population? Is naivety related to rusticity, anyway?

How can I
pursue a program that seems to set itself against good work?
Well you clearly haven't set yourself against good work...you are trying to push boundaries you find restrictive.
Given what you have expressed here, and the passion with which you have expressed it, how can you not pursue your own program?

Margie (McCarty: the silent h is also invisible)

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