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Re: [BKARTS] craft standards, poor books

I think the term "rustic" is not the right word to be using for what you are trying to acheive. Let us look at the definition of the word "rustic" as per Dictionary.com.

1. of, pertaining to, or living in the country, as distinguished from towns or cities; rural.  
2. simple, artless, or unsophisticated.  
3. uncouth, rude, or boorish.  
4. made of roughly dressed limbs or roots of trees, as garden seats.  
5. (of stonework) having the surfaces rough or irregular and the joints sunken or beveled.  
?noun 6. a country person.  
7. an unsophisticated country person.  

I think this answers some of the questions raised.

I think you need to better term what you are trying to acheive.

This idea of 'digital rustic' you brought up is an ill defined term in my opinion. Although, there is a great deal of boorish computer art out there in the world.

Are words like - natural, organic form, decay, stone, wood, earthy - more what you are trying to acheive? It seems to me, if you a going toward pottery, which often mimics natural forms and phenomena, then these terms might match.

Zen is a way - not a visual aesthetic.

Try looking to the work of John Cage and how Zen influenced his work. I think you'll find most "Zen inspired" work will all be about diminishing the self - retracting the self from the realisation of that ellusive thing called - Art.

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