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Re: [BKARTS] Wheat Paste

rj wrote:
Perhaps I should rephrase my question or rather describe what I am trying to
do. Basically I want to attach paper to the unfinished side of leather in a
binding I'm working on. I do not have any adhesive with me nor do I have any
stores within any reasonable distance that carry wheat paste, PVA, etc. If
wheat starch is not viable and wallpaper paste is iffy is there anything that
might be available at a hardware store, grocery store or any kind of store that
one might normally have available in a somewhat rural area.


I'm no expert, but here's my take on things (from lots of reading, talking and testing):

Basically, you can use any very finely ground flour including potato flour, rice flour, wheat flour, corn flour etc. I use a brand called 'Kream Cornflour' which (in Australia) is available in the supermarkets. It's actually maize flour. I have also used wheat flour and rice flour with equal success. The maize flour can sometimes be a very light yellow to pink colour when dry, but when you 'cook' it to make paste, it will not be coloured.

For pasting to the flesh side of leather, I have used a combination of about 60:40 paste to acid free PVA. I buy that in a local craft store. It will also work with just paste and no PVA, but it will take a lot longer to dry.


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