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[GBW] NBSS symposium on leafcasting

Leaf Casting Symposium  
Mon-Fri, Jun 9-13, 2008, 8:30am-4:30pm  
Mark Andersson, Moderator  
North Bennet Street School, Boston, MA
Tuition: $400   
This offering will provide an opportunity for professionals in the book
conservation field to work collectively on the school¹s leaf caster. There
will not be an instructor; instead students will be expected to research
aspects of leaf casting and paper making to be shared with the rest of the
participants. There will be a course moderator who will oversee the process
to insure that there won¹t be any redundancy in the pre-symposium research.
This will be a week of presentations and experimentation in learning the
fundamentals of leaf casting, pulp fills, and ways in which the process can
be improved or taken in new directions. Those experienced in using leaf
casters are welcome to join this offering, but no experience is required.
Please note - catalog lists incorrect tuition. Correct tuition is $400.
Class meets at North Bennet Street School, 39 North Bennet Street, Boston,
MA. You can register online: http://www.nbss.org/workshops/schedule.asp or
by calling 617-227-0155.

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