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Re: [BKARTS] stains and tears

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After enjoying the show at the
> National Gallery I'm looking the snapshots I own in a new way.
> What about flattening them? Would wetting them help?

No - don't wet them. Use a mild heat gun (or even hair dryer) to heat them
from the BACK (paper side) then promptly put them under weight. You don't
need a lot of heat - don't burn the paper or melt the emulsion! Just repeat
the process if they don't flatten completely the first time.

Light use of heat will also: Remove most photo corners or tape from
snapshots (heat the tape in this case) and will also remove stuck-on photos
or postcards from those old "magnetic" albums when they seem stuck fast
forever. (Heat from the back of the page if you can and use a flat blade to
slide under the item. If you have to work from the front, get a corner
slightly lifted and direct heat under the item until the adhesive relaxes,
lifting gently as you go. Using a flat blade for lifting is recommended.)


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