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Re: [BKARTS] query watermarks w photoshop

Are you trying to acheive an effect where the entire image is obscured or do you more want to embed your 'signature' in the image.

Are you trying to render the image unusable to a certain extent?

I have always maintained that anything put on the net is not protected and, beyond all etiquette, 'up for grabs'. Unfortunately there is no "netiquette".

Depending on usage, I always think a really crappy and poor quality compression is the best defense against exploitation. But if you are sharing the images and their value is through being shared (for historical or other interests) but don't want them ripped off then watermarks are not always the way to go. Think of strategies of dissemenation and how this can be managed. Do you want people to have access to them or not?
A right click protection might be better and this is reasonably acheivable through a few methods. Make the file read only off the server. Try right click protection.

Keep the image on the web, but deny any access is a better method if yopu still wantr people to have access to the image, but not exploit it. It is viewable, not graspable (in a a way).

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