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Re: [BKARTS] equiping a bindery

I found myself in a similar position a couple of years ago.  Our SC
department sounds like it is roughly the size and scope of yours.  The
university celebrated its centennial a couple of years ago and we were
promised a fairly large sum to purchase a large stock of archival supplies
(boxes, folders, paper, etc.) as well as necessary archival/binding
equipment.  In the end, of course, 70% of that money was given to someone
else, but that is another story.

As far as equipment goes, we purchased a Kutrimmer 1080 (the smaller of the
floor models), a Kingsley foil stamper, and a Hollinger crimper.  I am happy
with the Kutrimmer 1080--it cuts Davey board and Hollinger board very well,
and it only occupies about a 3'x3' space.  We bought a Kingsley stamper
because they were much cheaper than a Kensol or Kwikprint, but I regret that
we didn't go ahead and pay more.

We found the crimper used at http://www.binderytools.com/ and have been
happy with it.  It takes up a lot of space (about 3'x5'), but makes phase
box construction a snap.  Its only drawback is that it has to occupy a space
that is completely out of the way of foot traffic.  It has a foot-pedal
sticking out about 18" that will leave you crippled for days if you aren't
watching where you're going.

Our bindery already had a large guillotine stack cutter, a drill press, a
nipping press, and a backing press.  If I had an encapsulator and a large
book press (the money mysteriously vanished before we could purchase), then
we would be pretty satisfied.  We would also be even more cramped than we
are. :-)

Chad Longley
Preservation Coordinator
Abilene Christian University
ACU Box 29208
Abilene, TX 79699

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> Subject: [BKARTS] equiping a bindery
> Happy Friday all,
> I have recently found myself in the lucky position of having 
> to purchase bindery equipment to begin to create a more 
> substantial conservation department in our Rare Books and 
> Special Collections Department.  Our library director 
> recently informed me that we have the funding, so I am to go 
> ahead and buy what I think we should have to start building a 
> proper lab. I must do this quickly as the money will not be 
> available next fiscal year. 
> For some background, Gettysburg College's Special Collections 
> houses about 11,000 rare books, hundreds of manuscript 
> collections, over 500 rare maps and atlases from the 16th and 
> 19th centuries, misc. ephemera, hundreds of artifacts and of 
> course, is the official repository for all college records. 
> There are three FT staff members, but I am the only one doing 
> any kind of conservation work, and the only one that will be 
> doing so.  Currently I limit myself to paper 
> conservation/repair, rebacking of cloth books and repair of 
> leather joints. I have taken courses in leather and cloth 
> binding (and will continue to do so), but am in no position 
> to pursue this further (esp. leather) at the present time 
> because 1. lack of experience, 2. time and  3. our greater 
> needs are for paper and cloth repair.
> So, keeping our situation in mind, my question is - what 
> pieces of equipment would be the next logical ones to add to 
> what we already have?
> Currently, we have a nipping press, finishing press and a 
> sewing frame - pretty basic stuff.  I am thinking that the 
> next two items in line would be a book press and a kutrimmer 
> or board shears, although we presently do not have the space 
> for the board shears. What else would you suggest in addition 
> to these items? 
> It is a little overwhelming (and totally unexpected) to be 
> handed a great sum of money to spend so any and all 
> suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks very much,
> Chris
> Christine Ameduri, Assistant Archivist
> Musselman Library, Special Collections
> Gettysburg College
> Gettysburg, PA 17325
> p. 717-337-7006
> f. 717-337-7001
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