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Re: [BKARTS] query watermarks w photoshop

There are process that one can use to make it inconvenient to download images/files off the net, that is really all that they do, and I have so far encountered but one or two sites that prevented me from saving a file. Some of the techniques has been described here. I even have pdf files that I can only view onscreen, not print...

That said, your computer will generally save everything it encounters in its cache and could be retrieved that way, though it's very cumbersome...

That said, the rights issues surrounding images/text can be complex, and even owning an image doesn't mean you own the rights. Library X owns the images of a famous photographer, the estate owns the rights, which if unpublished equal the life of the creator plus 70 years... See http://www.copyright.cornell.edu/public_domain/ for a very helpful chart. There are also the concepts of fair use. Cornell has a great copyright site at http://www.copyright.cornell.edu/. A complete reading of US copyright code can be found at http://www.copyright.gov/.

Next, while it is virtually impossible to 100% safeguard anything online, that doesn't mean that everything available online is free, or even should be. If people share information online (or elsewhere) it is either because they are generous, naive, stupid, or any combination of these. That can go beyond sharing tangibles and extends to techniques and ideas. Take a workshop and turn around and teach it as their own

Finally, let's all be civil and respectful out there.


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