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[BKARTS] book things in NYC

Bookish things to do in NYC! My gosh--where to start?
Also include in your list NY Central Art Supply for their paper--you will be disappointed by Kate's, Talas,on 20th street, for NYPL you want the big one of course at 42 Street but don't forget the Lincoln Center Library for performing arts stuff, and of course you must see the Morgan Library within a stone's throw of NYPL central on Madison and 36th, Dieu Donne now in it's new location on 36 street, depending on when you are here the Big Expensive Can't Afford a Thing But Great to See Anyway Book Fair is at the 67 Street armory the first week in April. I spend entire days there just looking. If you are into ephemera the Ephemera society of America is having it's meeting and fair march 14-16 in Old Greenwhich CT. Fabulous old paper! The smaller and more reasonable Greenwich Village Book Fair is feb 22-24 at PS 3. I list these because NYC is shockingly losing all it's old bookstores and I personally miss looking and handling beautiful old (and new) books. For prints and paper related things--also try the Lower East Side Printshop, now on 37 street, the Old Printshop on Lexington and ? forgot in the twenties, a gallery that specializes in collage work that I always check out is Pavel Zoubek on 23 Street. Our fleas are dwindling too but if you like old photos see Larry Baumhor Saturday only the top level of the garage flea on 25th and 6th for hours of snapshot delights. I know there are Brooklyn things but I will let the Brooklyn people speak for themselves. I have yet to venture across the river.

Roz Leibowitz

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