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Re: [BKARTS] query watermarks

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I understand the
> issues around copyright (well somewhat as it seems to be changing all
> the time) and plagiarism (also somewhat as that's being redefined in
> tighter and tighter terms) but what are other kinds of issues?

As a dealer in books/prints/maps/photographs I can say that there is a whole
cadre of sneaky evil folk on ebay, amazon, etc. who will steal your images,
say, of book covers and use them as their own (even linking to yours) to
avoid the costs of photography/scanning, hosting images, etc. Then there are
those who will reproduce photos (I sell historical images) or prints and
sell them on ebay as "originals." I have even had people call and ask me to
scan something....then ask me to put it "on the Internet" and send them a
link - protest when I offer to send an image via email - and finally admit
that yes, they want it hosted so that they can link to it.

On the other hand, it's just a lot of trouble to watermark or overprint
every image, so I generally don't bother. Those people are making their own

As for using images in altered books, etc. - shoot, I do it myself. Lots of
us do - collaging from published magazine art or advertising, reproductions
of the artwork of others, photos on the Internet, etc. If you are only using
them for your own enjoyment - or even in a trade exchange or round robin -
where's the harm?

It would be different if you were using someone else's work and selling it
as your own, even as an element in a larger work.

In Joyce's case, she is making an archive of an obscure person who
none-the-less had an important role in American culture. (To me, this is the
essence of a true "collection" - not done before, filling a gap, of
historical importance.) Since she has put time, money, and effort into it,
she should not have to be afraid that someone will nab the image and use it
for profit - in a book or article - that would devalue her effort.
Especially since in this case there is no apparent copyright on the images
themselves.  Probably a low-resolution image with, possibly, text
superimposed on it would be the simplest way to go.


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