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Re: [BKARTS] inkjet book printing

I have question, but no answer. Do you plan to print both sides of the pages? If so I would suspect you will have show through on any light weight paper (I don't know what paper was like in 1608). And yes, use pigment or hybrid ink. While there are a number of problems with laster printing, show through should be less of a problem. Aren't challenges fun?



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-----Original Message-----

  We are trying to have two copies of a book-text printed on handmade  paper. 
Layout is not and issue -- only resolution and durability. The book when bound 
will be roughly 150 pgs, sewn signatures,  roughly 6 1/2" x 8" page size (the 
paper twice that size.)  It will  fermented flax/cotton, reasonably thin sheets 
(more like bookweight  from circa 1608 than 2008, though). calcium carbonate is 
planned at  about 3%. Internal sizing is an option. 
I do not have printing knowledge to resolve printer/paper relationship issues. 
What would make the paper most amenable to ink-jet printing, with  attractive 
results and a durable existence? Is this more a printer than a paper problem? 
Someone suggested InkAID  surface coating, but it looks as though it will change 
either the color  or finish of the paper. I would be grateful to hear from 
people with  experience  printing inkjet on handmade paper for artist's books. 
The  printing will be all black and white, all text, extremely simple  layout. 
Thanks for any suggestions.
  Julie Jones 
James Agee Memorial Library

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