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[BKARTS] Thai marbles

    While I do not wish to put down the marbelizing genius of such
people as Ann Muir. Peggy Skycraft, Iris Nevins, there may be those
among you who wish occasionally to econnomize in the preparation of
    I have had great success in using Thai marbles, which are available
in many art stores (Utrecht's), or from dealers online
(http://www.nycentralartsupply.com/asaii/thailand3.html).  These papers
are beautifully colored with strong streaks of gold running throughout.
I measure them at 32 X 25 inches.  There are quite diaphanous (I get 45
gsm; the above dealer gives 30 gsm).  They are about .13 mm thick.  I
adhere them to a standard manilla endpaper stock, 120 gsm,  using a PVA
wheatstarch mixture and pressing in a book press.
    The good news is that they cost only from $3 to $6, depending on the
paper and the source. They make striking endpapers.
    If any of you wish, I can send you photos of a recent book.



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