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[BKARTS] moldy Elvace

I've been using Elvace pva for twenty years now, and hadn't observed any

problems with it until now.  I recently (October 2007) purchased a gallon of Elvace 45675. 

Here's what I have observed: 

 Mold is growing on and in the gallon of Elvace .

I spoke with Mr. Salik at TALAS, and he suggested that this might be  a
new formula, and graciously reminded me that storage temperature/RH can
affect mold growth. 

  Has anyone else had moldy Elvace 45675 recently?      
Looking thourgh the Book ARts List archive, I noticed that Jade has (had?) similar problems.    Should this observation be
directed to the manufacturer?

Thanks for your input.

Susan Lunas
Many Moons Book Conservation
Eugene, Oregon

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