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[BKARTS] attaching muslin to vellum pages

I've got a job commissioned which is a series of 3 individual books. The pages are vellum (Israeli calf from Talas), in 3 sections with a page size of 9x12". The original plan was for calligraphy for the text and illuminations painted/drawn and some gold leaf for good measure. Let me state first that I'm just the binder and book designer for this job.

The artist who got this job (and farmed the binding out to me) didn't bother to do any homework or hire a real calligrapher so text and illustrations were done with a rapidiograph pen and a waterproof black. The vellum was sized with a varnish for the gold leaf which, of course, has migrated and stained the back sides of the pages. This isn't so much a problem because it will be covered up with paintings which leads me to the point of my post:

The artist couldn't figure out how to paint (in his fashion) on the vellum so opted instead (without consulting me) to do acrylic paintings on gessoed muslin. These paintings are 8x11", single panels which I've got to somehow attach to the vellum and here is where I'm a bit stumped. I can try various glues or paste on scrap but suspect I'll get cockling even if just tipped in across the top. I also thought perhaps some sort of drymount method but have little experience with those processes. It can't be stitched as it doesn't extend to the gutter and must be centered on the page and as these appear on the recto the opposite side is the pseudo calligraphy. Each book has 12 of these to be tipped in somehow.

Any thoughts, experience or commiseration appreciated.

BTW, the bound sections will be covered in full leather (Hewit goat) bindings with 8x11 gold tooled panel design on front and 5x6 gold tooled panel design on back. When I took the job I thought it would be lots of fun and beautiful. Now I feel just a little sick and am thankful I'm being paid well.



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