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Re: [BKARTS] attaching muslin to vellum pages


I can't speak to the painting-vellum attachment, but
-- for interleaving, to prevent the acrylic from
behaving in its way as a pressure-sensitive glue, I
suggest a silicone-release coated paper. 

If you're not familiar, this is the same stuff your
self-adhesive stamps come on, and that you can buy as
"parchment paper" in the grocery store for good
release of your cookies when they're done baking (even
if you burn them =). There a lot of suppliers,
including Talas, and it does come in archival forms.

I'm familiar with this product through foil
printmaking, which involves large quantities of
acrylic mediums, and in particular through Foil
Imaging: The Editioned Prints, a limited-edition of 50
that I was fortunate enough to be included in. Each of
the prints in it was protected by a sheet of silicone
release paper Smyth-sown in. (That was the binding for
the whole book. It was hard not to roll my eyes, every
time I heard it described as an elegant, strong,
advantageous binding. Sigh.)

For some background tidbits, 

Good luck, and relish your paycheck,

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