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Re: [BKARTS] Van Gelder Paper

John Cutrone wrote:
Hello List:

I have a question from someone in Cataloguing here at FAU Libraries about the colophon of a book in our collection that perhaps one of you can shed some light upon. Here's the question:

The colophon (in Hebrew) says it's printed on [.] Van Gelder paper. The missing word isn't a standard Hebrew word in reference to paper; maybe it's a proper name? It's something like Biten or Bitan or Bieten. Would any of those make sense?


I dont know if this is of any use...

Isn't Van Gelder paper quite a famous brand? I used some very thick paper (used for etchings I think) a while back to make a photo album. It's embossed on each sheet with 'Van Gelder Zonen' (Van Gelder & Sons, I think). I bought it from a paper supplier in Melbourne called Melbourne Etching Supplies.

Here's a paper comany called Crown Van Gelder (not sure if it's the same)


Also from google's cache of a broken page:


"This image is printed on a sheet of Van Gelder, an expensive, high quality, hand made imported etching stock. It is a thick, heavy paper made in Holland a century ago. It has an ivory tonality with a soft, textured surface."


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