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Re: [BKARTS] attaching muslin to vellum pages

I hesitate to write as I'm not sure that I fully understand the project. But here are a few suggestions:
1) ---- DO NOT USE heat on vellum. Heat could cause all sorts of problems as experienced by many framers who have tried to dry-mount vellum certificates. The lower temperature BEVA might be OK, but it is still a risk.
It would seem that lining the paintings with anything will make the pages much stiffer and heavier, and this would seem to create other problems in the book.
The book pages are vellum --- correct? Are the paintings on vellum?
It would seem that a suitable solution would be to take blank vellum, cut a window, bevel the edges of both new and original, and inlay the paintings using an adhesive (PVA is one possibility). The result should be a page that is compatible with the rest of the book. In fact, this type of technique has been used for the conservation treatment of old manuscripts, however, PVA was NOT used.
Bill Minter

On Feb 13, 2008, at 2:47 PM, Chad Pastotnik wrote:

I've heard back from 3M and they've recommended a product called "#80 rubber and vinyl adhesive". Anyone have any experience with this stuff? I'm trying to get a sample and will probably try some of the product Aaron recommended from Talas as well.


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