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[BKARTS] attaching muslin to vellum pages


I am going to out on a limb here, and say that using PVA has a much greater
chance of adverse affects than BEVA.  The introduction of water (such as
with a water based adhesive such as any PVA) will cause great amounts of
change to the parchment, ranging from expansion and contraction, to causing
permanent translucency in the material.

I will refer you to the book Conservation of Furniture, where although we do
not have an application to wood, the use of different types of adhesives is
discussed for adhering parchment.  This link will take you to pg 738 where
this information is conveyed.


This book talks about the use of BEVA 371 solution, but the same results can
be achieved with the film (same product, different form), and proper control
of the temperature should not yield any undesirable effects.

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