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[BKARTS] No job backer

Some time ago, a couple of people recommended using the Black and Decker
'Workmate" bench (a clamp sorts with two opposed boards in the top which
can be cranked together) supplemented with backing boards as a 'job
backer'.   For me the results have been mixed and it doesn't really seem
strong enough to do the job.

I occassionally have access to a real job backer.  I'd wondered if  my
sewing was too tight, or the paper I'm using doesn't have the right
body--but when I used an actual  job backer I had a much better result.
Can those of you who recommended the Black and Decker Workmate give me
further pointers about making this work?  I could slack off on my sewing
tension more--

Or maybe I should just ask if someone in this area has a job backer they'd
sell (Raleigh/ Durham NC)?

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