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[BKARTS] Play Book, Proteotypes launch

Please join us for the long awaited launch of the
the initial publication of
Friday, February 22rd, 6 ­ 8 p.m.
*periodic publications generated by exhibits and programs at Proteus Gowanus

The Play Book grew out of the 2007/8 theme ³Play² at Proteus Gowanus. Beyond
a catalog, it is a limited edition book to be played with, a compilation of
artist-designed games ready to cut, fold, paste and assemble; images of play
past and present; pages of anagrams and palindromes; ponderings on the
meaning of play; conundrums by Lewis Carroll; and a short play by Gertrude
Stein. The book includes a match game, a word game, a word maze, a geometric
puzzler, paper dolls, an automaton, a miniature card deck, a flipbook and a
toy theater. Come play along!

Last chance to purchase the Play Book for $30 at the book launch. $40
To see images and purchase online go to http://www.proteusgowanus.com/ and
click on Play Book. Please note: in true protean fashion, the color of the
Play Book cover has changed from the green displayed on our website to an
elegant, creamy off-white.

Art Director: Maddy Rosenberg, Editor: Wendy Walker, Creative Director:
Sasha Chavchavadze

Play Book Contributors:
Mark Staff Brandl, Sasha Chavchavadze, Beatrice Coron, Joanna Ebenstein,
Geoff Green, Bob Heman, Karen Hewitt, Tom La Farge, Jeanne Liotta, Florence
Neal, Heidi Neilson, Debra Pearlman, Maddy Rosenberg, Sandrine Sheon, Wendy

Also work by: Howard W. Bergeson, Gilles Deleuze, Karl Groos, Caroline
Furness Jayne, Lewis Carroll, Gertrude Stein

Special thanks to Jennifer Chisnell, Kate Dundun, Sarah Nicholls and the The
Center for Book Arts Work Study / Internship Program.

Proteotypes are publications that grow out of Proteus Gowanus exhibits and
programs, with particular emphasis on publications that are designed to
challenge the notion of what a book is; that emphasize the book as aesthetic
object; that link art to disparate disciplines; and that juxtapose seemingly
incongruous ideas to create new important meanings.

For information on upcoming Proteotypes publications go to
http://www.proteusgowanus.com/ and click on the Proteotypes page.

Proteus Gowanus
543 Union Street @ Nevins St Gate
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Maddy Rosenberg
63 Tiffany Pl. #407
Brooklyn, NY 11231

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