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[BKARTS] FS: Tools of the Trade: Scissors (paper and Household); Hand/Skin Care

A couple of weeks ago we offered VICTORINOX Scissors at a great price.

Our latest supply arrived--most were pre-sold (and shipping out today) but we have two pair each of the following (use the URL to get to the item).

1.  8.5" Bent handle Household Scissors by Victorinox

Available to the list for:  13.50 each (plus shipping)

See and order at:  http://bibliotique.us/si/victorinoxhousehold.html

2.  9" Paper scissors by Victorinox

Available to the list at:  11.25 (plus shipping)

3.  Melaleuca RENEW hand/body lotion  (I ended up with a few extra--so thought it might be of interest here to the list members)

I used to suffer with very dry hands from handling used books - the dust etc.  I started using Renew and have not had the problems of dry, cracking skin that I previously had.

Clinical tests rate Renew above Eucerin.

It is smooth and silky--and probably for our purposes, most importantly, non-greasy.

I'm a Melaleuca member -- ended up with a few extra bottles and making the available to the list.  Melaleuca is a "members" only kind of operation, but I figured someone out there may have heard of the products or is interested in giving it a try.  If anyone is interested in learning more about Melaleuca I'd be glad to give some information (it really is an outstanding company).  

This gives you a chance to try one of the top products that they offer and see if you like it.

Price:  19.99 for a 20 ounce bottle (plus shipping)


      David Friedman
    Proud member of  www.IOBA.org
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Visit:  www.yourfamilyfirst.com/bibliotique

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