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[BKARTS] New Online Presentation of THE JÁNOS BOOK

Hello all,
This is a formal invitation to experience a new online presentation of The János Book by Alex Appella.

About the book:
My Hungarian grandparents emigrated from Transylvania to California in 1923. They passed away before I was born, but left a legacy of questions that began to surface in our home in the 1980s. By then, the only remaining family member who could answer those questions was János (pronounced Ya-noash), my grandfather's youngest brother, who had emigrated from Transylvania to Argentina in 1949. The questions were innocent enough. My mother always believed she had only two uncles-János and Imre. But then a photo of four young men was found among my grandfather's things. Three faces were familiar. Who was the fourth man?
In 1994 I traveled to Argentina to meet János, to ask the questions. The answers-the secrets-revealed our identity, and revealed the pain of lying, even to protect those you love. The János Book not only encompasses a family's history, it reveals the man who, at the age of 90, decided to tell it. The reader is taken on a journey from Oregon to Argentina, to Transylvania, and beyond. Original letters, photographs and paintings entwine János' testimony with my poetry to reveal a family's identity whispered away 70 years ago. 12 years in the making, The János Book tells a novel's sized story in 29 wide format, digitally produced collages of text and images. Numbered edition of 50.

About the online presentation:
Since I am physically far from most venues in which I would be able to present this book, or show it in person, I decided a thorough online presentation would help my ability to share The János Book with prospective buyers, and with the public in general. Quite a challenge, but a worthwhile one at that! Any feedback is welcome.

Alex Appella
Córdoba, Argentina

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