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Re: [BKARTS] gilding large areas

I've not seen the Miura bindings, but have done some experimenting over the years.
Metallic leathers aren't usually stocked by binding suppliers but are easily found on Ebay. I've used them for neat effect but they're chrome tanned and fully finished, so don't shape and tool as easily as "normal" bookbinding leathers. Not a worry for cut-edge bindings, onlays, etc. 
I've also made my own, painting edge-gilding glaire over the leather and laying gold leaf directly on for a cool (and surprisingly durable) look. The Harcourt edge gilding tool can also be used with gold foil for a similar look (though in my limited fiddling, the result is more prone to flaking). 
Bob Roberts

Bob Roberts
The Gilded Leaf: Fine Bookbinding & Restoration
1149 Walker School Road, Maryville TN 37803
(865) 380-5759

-- "Canary, James R" <jcanary@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
bill i think you are right. we have bindings by tini, hugo pellar and 
sylvia rennie in our collection at the Lilly that use both gold and 
silver metallic  leathers. not sure on a source-will look at my samples 
and get back . j

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