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Re: [BKARTS] Name for Blank Pages?

I'm handling a lot of 19th century books to catalog them these days, and a
large number of them have blank leaves and sometimes printed waste paper
bound around the first and last quires to protect them, it would seem, from
the printer/publisher's (printed/labeled) wrapper that would be pasted to
the sewn quires for the volume.

With theatrical pieces in particular the sewing is often v. rudimentary, a
sort of whip-stitch around the gatherings instead of through them.

I have taken the reasons to be obvious (which may say more about me than
about the books themselves), that the wrapper and sewing were temporary for
those with the means and the desire to have them more permanently bound, and
a basic principle was not to waste effort or profits on those without the
means to do so.

The point of relevance being that what I've observed includes pages of the
first and last gatherings left unprinted, additional leaves (not generally
blank?) tipped in, and blank leaves or printed waste paper wrapped around
the first and last quires.

Linde Brocato

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